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Developing Confidence, Self-Defense Skills, And Life Experience

Apex Krav Maga

At Apex, the only limitations are the ones you set on yourself; you’ll develop confidence and essential self-defense skills— all while getting a great workout. If you’ve never trained martial arts before, no problem! Our environment is safe and ego-free. The instructors at Apex give each student equal attention. We’re more than just a martial arts school; we’re a community, one where teachers become friends. Check it out for yourself! Just fill out the short form on your screen to get started today!

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Having 4 years of Krav training I knew what I was looking for when I moved to the area. I wanted good, practical, high level, hard training. Britt brings his years of experience to share with you. Britt,  the students, and the facility are all top tier!!

Krav Maga Woodbury

Chris A.

Coach Britt is a great instructor and a great guy. He has a lot of experience in Krav Maga and Muay Thai. Its an absolute privilege to train with him! Go check out Apex Krav in Waterbury!

Krav Maga Woodbury

Wilson G.

Such an amazing welcoming place and Britt is just a kickass coach. I highly recommend everyone get in this type of training, especially for women looking to access their strength, confidence, and autonomy.

Krav Maga Woodbury

Tracy G.

Apex Krav Maga is a solid environment for learning the art of Krav Maga. The classes are a perfect size and students have access to instructors whenever there are questions of technique. We are constantly challenged to be focused and determined in stressful situations. The techniques that I have learned at Apex Krav Maga have given me confidence in self-defense situations.

Coach Britt is a great instructor! He expertly breaks down techniques and applies them to many self-defense situations. Coach Britt is adept at keeping the curriculum fresh and challenging for any level of student and is able to adapt teaching styles to the abilities of individuals in each class.

Krav Maga Woodbury

David B.

This is the first time I do something like this and love it! This is a great way to get fit, build resistance and self-defense skills. 

Danger is out there ladies!! ... It's better to be safe and prepared than sorry. Coach Britt is the best! Thanks for introducing me to Krav Maga!!

Krav Maga Woodbury

Macarena S.

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