Military & Law Enforcement Training

Stay Safe In Any Situation With Our Military & Law Enforcement Training

Members of our Law Enforcement and Military Agencies put themselves on the line each and every day to protect us and we're helping them stay prepared for anything that comes their way.

Our Military & Law Enforcement training is designed to supplement the required coursework that these brave men and women undergo, offering everyone on the front lines the chance to stay sharp with hand-to-hand instruction and situational training. 

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Why Is Our Military & Law Enforcement Training Right For You?

We take the work these public defenders carry out seriously. And we're dedicated to helping them stay in peak shape. This program offers members of the Military and local Law Enforcement agencies the chance to take on intense situations and realistic threats, putting their bodies and their minds to the test.

At Apex Krav Maga, you can build strength and improve your situational awareness. We can even tailor the program to meet the needs of your unique agency or responsibilities. 

We have helped dozens of officials across Hamden and surrounding areas, including:

  • Local police officers
  • Connecticut State Police
  • Army MP’s
  • Active duty Marines
  • Former Navy SEAL’S
  • Corrections Officers

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