Fight Scene of the Week! Punisher Season 2 (Gym Fight)

Fight Scene of the Week! Punisher Season 2 (Gym Fight)

WARNING! These scenes contain violence and adult content. View at your own risk.


And after a short hiatus, we're back! Another scene from Punisher. Shocker! Although technically the first scene was from Daredevil sooooo....I win. I still love that prison scene, but they really upped the ante in season 2 of Punisher. So many good fight scenes in there, but this one in the gym is my favorite. Great choreography, once again, and an awesome guest appearance by former UFC fighter Keith "The Dean of Mean" Jardine. My favorite thing about the Punisher is that no matter how many times he gets smashed in the face by a giant UFC fighter, a week later he just has some black eyes and a fat lip. Gotta love the healing power of Hollywood!


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