Fight Scene of the Week! Fist of Fury

Fight Scene of the Week! Fist of Fury

WARNING! These scenes contain violence and adult content. View at your own risk.

Bruce is back! Even though I have a hatred for Bruce Lee quotes, he's still my biggest martial arts influence and this blog won't be complete without every single one of his fight scenes. I've heard some people argue that this is his best fight scene. I don't know why. It's pretty awful. Down-right ridiculous even. The choreography is pretty shit, even for 1972, BUT it's a classic "dojo storm" scene and "My kung fu is better than your karate" always makes for a great story. There are also some great haircuts in there. My personal favorite is Guy Who Gets His Ass Kicked #3, thats an epic 'do. And if you watch closely you'll see a young, 17 year old Jackie Chan take a little beating. It's quick, so don't blink.


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