Fight Scene of the Week! Out For Justice

Fight Scene of the Week! Out For Justice

WARNING! These scenes contain extreme violence and adult content. View at your own risk.

I was contacted by Seagal's people. He was pretty upset he wasn't on the list. Just kidding. As much of a walking cartoon character he's become over the years, these early Steven Seagal movies are probably only second to Bruce Lee in how much they influenced my love of the martial arts. And while there are far better scenes from the early days, this one is one of my favorites. Not because of the fighting, but because of how silly it is. All of the shitty one-liners and Steven's waaaay over the top New York accent are reason eough to love this scene. We also get a quick glimpse of the always rare moment of him throwing a kick, which is quite laughable. Keep an eye out for a special guest appearance by Dan Inosanto as Stick. His mere presence in the room is literally the only legit thing about this scene.


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