Fight Scene of the Week! Lethal Weapon

Fight Scene of the Week! Lethal Weapon

WARNING! These scenes contain violence and adult content. View at your own risk.

What holiday season would be complete without fight scenes from classic holiday movies?? And yes, Lethal Weapon IS a holiday movie! And it's one of my childhood favorites. I haven't watched it in a long time, and it wasn't until I watched it when I was older that I realized how bad the main fight scene was. Bad in a good way. The choreography is pretty terrible, but what do you expect from cheesy 90's action movies? The one saving grace is a half-way decent triangle choke at the very end of the fight, applied by Mel Gibson, who trained with the Gracie's in preparation for the scene. By the looks of it, he had 1 hour to train for the scene and that was the one technique he learned ;)


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