Fight Scene of the Week! Enter The Dragon

Fight Scene of the Week! Enter The Dragon

WARNING! These scenes contain violence and graphic content. View at your own risk.

Greatest. Martial. Arts. Movie. Of. All. Time. Do not argue otherwise. You're opinion is invalid. This movie is the reason I got into martial arts, and although my fighting style as evolved way past any obvious Bruce influences, it's place in inspiring thousand and thousands of martial artists over the years cannot be overlooked. The story line to the movie is ridiculous, most of the fight scenes are over the top and typical of the era, but, the opening scene is a different story. It's choreography is definitely silly, but there are a couple small things that showcase why Bruce was so ahead of his time. First, notice the use of the Kenpo gloves, which are essentially a very early design of modern MMA gloves. Second, Bruce uses a sloppy (but still pretty legitimate) arm bar submission hold to tap-out Sammo Hung. I don't know of any other movies before this one that had any realistic submissions.


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