Fight Scene of the Week! The Bourne Ultimatum

Fight Scene of the Week! The Bourne Ultimatum

WARNING! These scenes contain violence. Viewer discretion is advised.

Most fans of the Bourne movies are more than familiar with the famous fight scene from the first film in the series, where Jason Bourne's weapon of choice is a pen (don't worry, that one is coming up soon :) ), but my personal favorite is Bourne vs Desh from the Bourne Ultimatum. The choreography of the first film is great, but I think this one a bit more raw, and I like that. As great as it is, it's not without it's flaws. The major flaw being the use of a book as an improvised weapon. Overall, not a bad choice, but there's a part that always bugged me about it, and the first person to correctly guess what it is gets a FREE t-shirt!!



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