Fight Scene of the Week! Grosse Pointe Blank

Fight Scene of the Week! Grosse Pointe Blank

WARNING! These scenes contain extreme violence. Viewer discretion is advised.


We're back for week two of Fight Scene of the Week! Going back the 90's for this one. 1997 to be exact. Grosse Point Blank is the film and John Cusack is our hero. Even though this film isn't that old, I really think it's one of the first to contain any sense of realism. Most fight scenes before this were either waaaaay over the top or just plain silly. This one definitely has some hints of cheesiness but it's moving in the right direction. Part of that is due to the bad guy in this scene, Benny "The Jet" Urguidez, who's a very well know martial artist and was a legit, full contact kickboxer in the 70's and 80's. He definitely brings some realism cred to the scene. Be on the look out for some good high-cover blocks, some eye gauges/head control, and great use of an improvised weapon at the end ;)


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