Fight Scene of the Week! Barry

Fight Scene of the Week! Barry

WARNING! These scenes contain violence and adult content. View at your own risk!

This is, in my opinion, the most realistic fight scene ever filmed. It's not from an action movie, or a martial arts super star. It's from HBO's Barry, starring Bill Hader. Leave it to a comedian to do the job right. And the awesome choreography? Of course it's from a Krav Maga guy. Old-school Krav Maga Worldwide instructor, Wade Allen! He clearly understands how to bring elements of realism. The sloppy technique, heavy breathing, being tired like 10 seconds in to the fight, slamming in to walls and other objects, Ronny knocking himself out giving a headbutt, all just perfect! It also contains plenty of humor, which usually isn't felt between the two combatants but more often then you might think is felt by the people observing, and that's exactly how this was shot, from the perspective of someone standing in the room and watching them fight. We can thank coach Doug Temple for reminding me about this scene. And if you aren't watching Barry, you really should, it's an awesome show.


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