About Us

Apex is Connecticut’s premier self-defense facility

We’re as invested in your experience as you are in learning self-defense

At Apex, the only limitations are the ones you set on yourself; you’ll develop confidence and essential self-defense skills— all while getting a great workout. If you’ve never trained martial arts before, no problem! Our environment is safe and ego-free. The instructors at Apex give each student equal attention. We’re more than just a martial arts school; we’re a community, one where teachers become friends.

Meet The Owner

Britt has been training martial arts since he was nine. In his two decades of experience, he has studied Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu. It wasn’t until 2005, however, that he found Krav Maga, which changed his approach to martial arts. He has since earned his black belt and is currently the only Krav Maga practitioner in Connecticut to hold that rank.

Britt thinks that self-defense should be practical; everything he teaches you in the gym has real life application. He has built a loyal and diverse following– from active duty Marines to casual hobbyists. His classes are inviting to newcomers and challenging for practiced martial artists. With Britt’s complete understanding of martial arts, he can make any class feel like a private lesson, regardless of your experience.


Why Krav Maga?

We’ve tested what works and what doesn’t. Now you can learn the best self-defense for real life scenarios.

  • Simple & Effective

    Krav Maga is a self-defense system that focuses on practicality. Its techniques are simple but effective. People of all ages and athletic builds can practice it. This is why it’s been the choice of Military and Law Enforcement personnel since the eighties.

  • Everyone is here to help

    Don’t let your lack of training discourage you if you’ve never practiced a martial art. There is no hierarchy in Krav Maga; you don’t wear anything signifying rank, and everyone is trying to help each other improve. This is the culture that we cultivate at Apex.

  • Experienced Instructors

    We are associated with Israel Special Forces Krav Maga (ISFKM), which is one of the art’s premier associations. All instructors have previous martial arts experience outside Krav Maga, so you’ll be learning from instructors who have studied a variety of styles.

A Little History

Krav Maga originated in Israel—a country that has been in a constant state of war since its formation. The nation’s armed forces must be well trained and constantly prepared; on an average day, Israel experiences 49 active terror alerts.

Imi Litchenfield founded the system. Born in Hungary in the early 20th century, Litchenfield was a police officer that organized an underground movement against Nazi regime. He also fought the Nazis in World War II as part of the Czech Legion. It has been tested and refined in live action.

This is why America and other countries are always sending military units to train with Israeli forces. Today, however, Krav Maga is becoming popular among civilians. Whether or not you’re an experienced martial artist, Krav Maga makes all of its students equal. It’s for everyone.

It focuses on the mental side of fighting; most martial artists train for a sport setting, sparring with an opponent of equal weight and size at a set time. This allows for meticulous preparation and a referee overseeing the match, making sure that neither side sustains life-threatening injuries.

This is different from a self-defense scenario, when your opponent could appear at any time and possibly trump you in size. Training for sport martial arts won’t prepare you for this—not mentally, at least. Krav Maga tries to simulate these encounters in a controlled environment to prepare students.

Krav Maga instructors have even observed that an untrained fighter with a mentality more suited for self-defense has a higher success rate than a practiced martial artist who has never trained for a bout on the street.