Hear it from our students

Real, workable results and skills

We know how great Krav Maga is, and we know how great our instructors are. Here’s what some of our students have said!


“Britt Soden is an exacting and uncompromising teacher. He tests every technique that he teaches to ensure maximum effectiveness. He makes sure pupils sharpen every detail of their combatives. His students become a community, helping and supporting each other while also practicing realistic attacks. Britt’s classes have made me physically stronger, mentally more confident and aware, and my stamina and reflexes have never been better.”

– Saul Fussiner, teacher New Haven Academy

“I was looking for a way to get some physical exercise and learn some self defense. I knew I wasn’t interested in traditional martial arts. I was looking for a system that would have real world application. So I took a Krav Maga class with Apex Krav Maga. I was immediately hooked. Instructor Britt Soden demonstration of the defensive moves followed up with immediate counter strikes were amazing. I wanted to be able to perform those same moves. I began to train under instructor Britt Soden. He has proven to have a rock solid foundation of the Krav Maga system and has the ability to teach and demonstrate to the highest levels. Apex Krav Maga has given me greater physical strength and endurance as well as a higher level of self confidence. Instructor Britt’s classes are high paced,designed to push beyond your mental limits to prove you have more in you than you think. Come, train and you will see for yourself.”

– Mr Angel D Baez Jr.

“Apex Krav Maga offers awesome training and extraordinary seminars for the Krav Maga practitioner and anyone interested in a No nonsense modern day self-defense program.”

– Steve