Training from the ground up

Structured and focused fundamentals of fighting

Fighting skills are an essential component to a realistic self-defense program, but fight/sparring classes are often unstructured and can be intimidating to new students. Our fight program is designed to start you from the ground up. Incorporating elements of Krav Maga, boxing, Muay Thai kickboxing, wrestling, and grappling, Apex gives you all the necessary skills you need to become a better fighter.

By becoming better fighters, we become better Kravists.

Our Fighting Program

Our Intro To Fight program is usually the first step. It’s structured as an 8-week course and focuses on the fundamentals of fighting. Techniques are practiced in a fun and safe environment, starting with no contact then progressing to light contact as the students become more comfortable. After completing Intro To Fight, students then progress to Fight 1 and then Fight 2. Techniques become more advanced and the level of contact increases.