We have a program to fit your needs

Whether it's Fitness, Fighting, or Training, Apex has many different programs appropriate for anyone of any level

Krav Maga was designed to evolve, and at Apex we make sure our training is always up to date. Most importantly, we are constantly pressure testing our methods so that we can be confident in the material we teach. If you have any questions about our programs, please contact us! Ready to get started?


Fitness is a much valued component of Krav Maga training and the intense workout often results in weight loss. Our training is specifically for people of ALL fitness levels.


The goal of Krav Maga is simple principles and brutally effective techniques aimed at dealing with real-world violence–combining aggression with proven fighting techniques and realistic training drills.


Fighting skills are an essential component to a realistic self-defense program. Our fight program is designed to start you from the ground up.

Law Enforcement

This program is designed to further prepare personnel to deal with the more intense and realistic threats that they may face in their everyday work environments.


Aside from realistic self defense training, your kids will learn the values of respect, discipline, self confidence, teamwork, common sense, and manners.